How Allianz Life Pro+® FIUL Works

A video on how Allianz Life Pro+® Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance Policy works. This is great opportunity to learn why this great offer

Health care costs in retirement projected to soar!

Here is why a person and couples need to look at the advantages of FIUL and Fixed Annuity products in the wake of an uncertain future. Contact us to discuss how we can make the future a more comfortable thought. "Anyone planning to retire had better be aware of projected figures for health care costs. They’re still on the rise and are eating up more of Social ..." #healthcare #taxfreeincome #savings #retirementincome

Ancillary Benefits Still Important

Below is an article I came across on why ancillary benefits are still important. The cool thing is the offering we represent is one that has zero net cost to the employee and real savings to your company. It never hurts to discover your options. Contact us to learn more. Views Why ancillary benefits are still important By Tim Olson Published January 06 2016, 11:53am EST With the Affordable Care Act, employee benefits have taken an interesting turn. Simply providing medical insurance no longer distinguishes employers (with 50 employees or more) from one another, but the extent of the benefits plan can provide that distinction. Whether it’s a robust medical plan, or the legal minimum requireme

Employee Benefits

Here is a video on our new offering giving companies a way to save real money AND reduce the employee’s exposure to medical expenses. We are committed to helping companies overcome the huge financial burden of Health Care. We have real solutions with real results. We are always willing to meet with you and discuss your options . Just reach out to us through the site here. Request a conference call or schedule a meeting. We are here and we are ready to help you. #employeebenefits #Insurance #healthcare

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