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Small or Large, Sole Proprietor to a Big Corporation
We will tailor a benefit plan which will be a win/win for both you and your employees
Steve's Nationwide Advisor Team will gather and complete a Benefit Plan which will
- Be more than competitive in todays labor market
- Find potential hidden cost savings not being taken advantage of at this time
- Be Employee centered to make sure they know, you as an owner, have employee health and wellbeing as a primary goal. 
Doctor with Files

Tailored Plans for Your Business

By shopping multiple insurer choices, the insurers are competing for you and your employees business, so they are more likely to offer competitive pricing and cost savings.

Giving each employee the power of choice in what coverage they elect helps them find the right plan at the right price to fit their budget.  You, the employer is still  selecting the carrier and plans.

Traditional, Self Funded, Level Funded

 Depending on the size, age, health of your workforce, we can assist in getting you the plan which offers the best possible coverage while also making the best economic sense.

Offering a Package of Products Designed to Help Control Health Care Costs for Both Employers and Employee

Dental-Vision-Hearing   -   Disability Insurance   -   Accident Insurance   -   Critical Illness Insurance

Cancer Insurance   -   Life Insurance   -   GAP Medical Insurance

Eye Exam
Dental Checkup
Child Physiotherapy
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