Ancillary Benefits Still Important

Below is an article I came across on why ancillary benefits are still important.

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Views Why ancillary benefits are still important


  • Tim Olson


  • January 06 2016, 11:53am EST

With the Affordable Care Act, employee benefits have taken an interesting turn. Simply providing medical insurance no longer distinguishes employers (with 50 employees or more) from one another, but the extent of the benefits plan can provide that distinction. Whether it’s a robust medical plan, or the legal minimum requirement, employer clients need to be aware of some ancillary benefits their teams are looking for and how they can improve employee productivity and retention.

Ancillary benefits are expected to increase over the next several years in response to the ACA, but these benefits don’t have to be costly for employers. After all, they’re already paying for health coverage for their employees (or are prepared to pay the fine). They don’t necessarily have to pay for these benefits themselves; they can be empl