Who We Are

Steve Christian Business Group has assembled a rich connection of resources to assist individuals and businesses of all types reach their goals and potential.

Steven L. Christian
Insurance Professional
"You've earned it,
Protect It!"
Are you ready
for what's ahead?

How well have you planned for your financial future?

Not just for the possibilities you can imagine, but for the changes that are less predictable.

You've worked hard to build your business.
What safeguards are in place to protect it?
Unforeseen Needs
Exit Strategy
Legacy Planning
Key Employee Assurance

Why Strengthen 

Employee Benefits?​


"Recruiting is more expensive than retaining"

Companies Save Money

Employees Get More Benefits

Employees Love them

Employees stay with you.

Let Us Be Your Resource For Answers


 - Business Purchase/Sale

- Analysis and Preparation

- Hidden Profit Realization

- Payroll and HR Consulting 

- Sales Pitch Process

- Assessment and Training